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The recent lighting retrofit at 3001 Stamford Square was part of a $12 million renovation project which included constructing an aesthetically pleasing grand entrance and main lobby in which Seesmart LED lighting products were installed significantly contributing to the projects overall success.

R & C Property Management Michigan provides a wide range of information regarding buying a property in Greece and the Messinia Prefecture. It aims to help home buyers though the minefield of purchasing property in Greece by giving general advice, information and tips on buying property as a home or for investment.

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Customers trust the experience and expertise of the Gassen team to provide them with full-service homeowner association management & maintenance. Statistics demonstrate that Gassen, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating is serious about service. In 2010, 100% of all after-hours emergency calls were responded to in under 12 minutes. (How many other Minnesota property maintenance companies could cite that statistic?) Additionally, there have been over 3,000 audits and reviews in Gassen properties over the last 5 years, without one negative result.

The retrofit is one of the largest LED lighting retrofits yet in New York City. It will cut Ernst & Young’s lighting-related energy and maintenance costs in half. An estimated 25 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings comes from the lights, but Ernst & Young’s retrofit, which included occupancy sensors that control when lights are burning and when they’re not, cut the power consumption almost in in half to 2.9 million kilowatt-hours (kWHs) in electricity from 6.2 million kWhs previously used.

Landlords should ensure that all their properties have accessible inline valves in the pipe work, so that leaking taps are easily isolated in order for the repair to be carried out by the tenant, if necessary.

Besides this, people can also use any popular search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The procedure is very simple. You just have to enter the property address in search box and hit enter. Within a couple of seconds it will show you related pages from where it will be very easy for you to check who owns a house. Apart from this, social and professional networking websites can be used for this purpose. Mostly Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are used for this purpose. People have mentioned their addresses in a limited version of their profile so sometimes you will find it difficult to generate authentic information through these websites.

If you believe your landlord is violating the law or infringing on your rights you have options. You can refer to the Ontario Residential Tenancy Act to determine if your rights as a tenant are indeed being violated. Another option is to contact the off campus housing unit at your school. They will be able to help you with any issues you have with your landlord. If any situation with your landlord does not sit well with you, don’t be silent and allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


Security Council move immediately to establish an ad hoc Syrian war crimes tribunal.

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We should press the Security Council to refer Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as any members of the opposition who commit war crimes, to the ICC for possible prosecution.

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Pentagon proposes training moderate Syrian rebels

A Syrian rebel gestures at comrades from inside a broken armored personnel carrier in Al-Yaqubia on February 6.

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“By effectively automating our billing and payment handling process, we removed the single biggest obstacle to growing our business,” said VMS customer Joe Keizur, President and CEO of Blue Mountain Community Management. “We’ve nearly doubled the size of our portfolio since launching the service while actually reducing the load on our accounting staff.

Read your Manager/Owner contract, understand what you are signing, ask lots of questions and know what the fees will buy you in services. A good real estate lawyer can help in negotiating the terms in a contract that suit both parties. These contracts are not set in stone. If your property manager will not negotiate, there are other More About Property Management companies that are eager to earn your business.

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Below I’ll direct you to some free information for Asset Managers, who perhaps, have seen some of your work. If you’ve been doing bpo’s in large numbers, you might want to consider giving them a call. All the contact information is current.

“As an example the first steps would usually be to put in place a Section 21 Notice which is a two-month Notice in line with the Housing Act. Thereafter a Section 8 Notice is served and a court date is awaited.

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Major Mahil proprietor of Belvoir Birmingham Central explains further. “A good lettings agent can guide a landlord through the eviction process by giving them step-by-step advice on the legal process, which must be followed and adhered to in the correct manner, he says. “If it isnt there can be many problems, such as non-compliance, and the courts can throw out the case.

Since the primary offense tends to be speeding, please slow down. Put yourself in any parent’s shoes and think about how you would feel if someone were flying by your home while your kids are playing and could possibly go into the street. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year from all of us here at Cedar Management Group.

When performing such an evaluation, a cashflow investor will typically look for a GRM near 100 to find a property with positive cashflow. This method can also be easily adapted to calculate the breakeven point where an owner/occupant would break even compared to renting. Considering the full cost of ownership, including those costs often ignored, the price-to-rent ratio and Gross Rent Multiplier is lower than most think. The GRM is a convenient measure of value because it spares you the toil of performing the above, detailed calculation to evaluate a large number of properties.

Paperwork. Nobody really likes it, do they? This is an area that can also be taken care of for you, at least in part. Those monthly statements that you hate to go over and print up every month can be printed and gone over by someone else instead. You will simply receive the statement every month to check, and double check if you want, and then sign off on. It will itemize things such as rent collected, maintenance fees accumulated, the obvious management fee that is deducted for the service in the first place, etc. They can be as itemized as you prefer.

If youre unsure about the legalities involved with letting your property, there are many people who can help. A good professional lettings specialist will always be happy to offer advice and there are many professional bodies that can provide support and information too.

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Syria casts shadows on 2016 Dems

Liberal pundit Peter Beinart looks at the generation gap that could trap Hillary Clintons 2016 campaign for the Daily Beast in The Rise of the New New Left : If the Millennials challenge Reaganite orthodoxy, they will likely challenge Clintonian orthodoxy, too. KERRY SAYS ATTACKS STILL POSSIBLE – After the first day of weapons talks, Secretary of State John Kerry maintained that the U.S.

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